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Our Tools of the Trade

 At Strategic Self Awareness Ltd we are very happy and privileged to use these proven tools designed to help businesses around New Zealand and the world.

Leadership development is a continuous process and is about getting a better understanding of how our behaviour influences others.

If leadership is about influencing others

We influence others through our behaviour – our ACTIONS and WORDS.

Identity – what I think I am

Our values, skills, knowledge and past experiences form our identity as leaders.

Ted Talk - The two kinds of stories we tell about ourselves

Reputation – what people think I am

Leadership reputation is formed from an individuals observable behaviours, both positive or negative.

Understanding your reputation - knowing what people think

Appreciating and understaning how you are perceived; becoming aware of the unknown.

(Source NZDF)

Hogan Personality Assessments

Hogan Assessments set the benchmark for predicting a leaders reputation and demonstrating the impact that personalities can have on an organisations culture and individual effectiveness. Hogan assessments will help you answer three key questions:

  1. Can they do the job?  Career success depends on more than the technical skills. Employers are looking for capability and drive to get things done and Hogan personality measures describes how a person works, relate to colleagues, and will lead.
  2. Will they like the organisation?  Even if they can do the job, will they engaged in it and fit this organisation? When there’s a good match between your values and the business environment work becomes a pleasure, rather than a chore.
  3. What will get in the way? The strengths that helped launch a career can become debilitating derailers under pressure or in more senior roles. Understanding derailers puts performance risks on the table and helps build self awareness needed to succeed.

Information sourced from www.winsborough.co.nz/hogan-assessments/


Classic 360 Feedback Survey

Self-ratings of leadership performance are poorly correlated with actual leadership performance (Hogan & Warrenfeltz, 2003).

What individuals have to say about themselves is a theory about their own performance and often is out of touch with reality.

Others evaluation of an individual’s performance are substantially more consequential when assessing effective leadership and is directly related to workplace performance.

Employees deserve better leaders. More than 50% of leaders underperform and are ineffective* – Don’t let that be true of your organisation.

Increasing self-awareness is the key step in development, so leaders see themselves as others do. Our pragmatic and evidenced 360 tool will enhance self-awareness and help ensure your leaders are not part of the wrong 50%. Compare your managers to one of the largest databases of managerial capability available.

* (Hogan, Hogan & Kaiser, 2010)

Information sourced from www.winsborough.co.nz/what-we-do/

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