Making a donation

- Social responsible leadership; get involved -

We are openly striving for a social responsible leadership philosophy within our company. So, we are donating some of our personal time and leadership tools to our community. We will donate leadership assessments and our time to assist leaders from social and environmental organisations to align self perceptions of their behaviour to others perceptions.  We are also donating 1% of our financial profits to organisations who have a mandate to improve New Zealand.

Our company has been designed to help leaders develop a high level of strategic self-awareness within the private and public sectors. As a leader understanding how your leadership behaviours impact on others is imperative and is crucial to moving forward in todays dynamic and complex environment. With that being said, our companies values extend to beyond the workplace. We know that we can also make a difference by showing that good social responsible leadership and citizenship can occur anywhere, anytime and for any cause. 

"If we want change and we want things to be better, we can’t expect it to originate from others. We must look inward and be the ones taking action".

Mark Gregan 2016

You are in control, you have a say on where you course donations are to go. There is only one criteria, the organisations need to have a mandate of trying to improve New Zealand for all (environmentally and/or socially). Show us your social responsible leadership style and pick an organisation that you can best help. Below is an example of organisations who require donations to chase that dream. 

Or get involved yourselves with this fantastic New Zealand charities initiative, the One Percent Collective.

Be a part of the giving revolution.