Ashley Cheeseman (Cheese)

DIRECTOR - Ashley Cheeseman, better known as Cheese to friends and family.

👨‍💼 We help improve behaviours within the workplace 👩🏻‍💼 Using a science based approach  💼 LinkedIn Local Host 👨‍💼👩‍💼

Education is a life changing tool that can enlighten and empower people into being the best versions of themselves. My goal is to help enhance leaders reputations by introducing themselves to their own authentic self. Our approach is based in science, proven and validated.

I’m a passionate educator, people focused.

I created Strategic Self Awareness to enhance your enjoyment and productivity at work. We spend 7+ hours at work a day. Our time is precious, wellbeing is crucial, increased productivity is a priority, our behaviours are paramount to this.

We can coach, develop, and enhance individuals behaviours. This is a development course, not a one-off touch piece. It's ongoing, with multiple touch points. Its development through education and science.

Organisational psychologists believe that being authentic all of the time impacts your leadership, it’s a hand brake to performance, it’s a strength overplayed. So, I’m constantly practicing inauthenticity, I bring the best version of myself to the situation and not the primitive or unmanaged self. Yes, so sometimes I bring vulnerable me, and sometimes it’s the immature me and sometimes it’s the serious me. But believe me, I’ve made a deliberate choice on who turns up, and it’s not just what pops out instinctively.

🏫 We can deliver classroom/ boardroom group sessions.
👨‍🎓 We can deliver individual coaching.
🧗 Our flagship course, our niche course, which is different to most (and if you are game), is to spend quality time with us using adventure as the emotional sticking point. This added piece turns the course into a individual development, team development and team bonding experience. It adds complexity, ambiguity and definitely puts the participant outside their comfort zone.
🧰 Hogan Personality Assessments -
🧰 Benchmark and Classic 360 Feedback Report.