Is your measuring stick of success the same as mine, I doubt it.

Peak performance vs. Perfectionism
August 13, 2018

Is your measuring stick of success the same as mine, I doubt it.


When I decided it was time to move on from my last job working at the New Zealand Army Leadership Centre (NZALC), I had hit the glass ceiling, was turned down from the Learning and Development position within the centre, and I had also realised I needed a new challenge.  So my partner I decided it was time to start my own business using what I had learnt from my time at the NZALC.

Now the super cool thing about starting your own business is that you have a blank slate, you can do whatever you want, however you want, you don’t need to conform….

I need to thank the NZALC for my experience in delivering world class leadership courses and the University of Canterbury Post Grad Certificate Strategic Leadership Programme (Leadership papers with in their MBA programme) for my grounding and understanding of contemporary leadership theory.

I wanted to build a resilient business model (multiple income streams within different industry’s), a sustainable business with no burn out (I wanted to finish work at 3pm (don’t look at emails until the morning) and don’t work weekends). Also one of my business goals was not to conform, to be a point of difference, to have a niche market and niche approach.

So my partner and I went through a process and came up with this –

  • Looked at where we wanted to live personally and then matched that with my business concept. Rotorua made sense.
  • We wanted a lifestyle block that we could afford. Rotorua made sense.
  • We wanted to grow our own, beef, lamb, fruit, avocados (the jury still out on avocados), veggies. Rotorua made sense.
  • We wanted to have 1/2 day adventures (whitewater kayaking and mountain biking). Rotorua made sense.
  • I wanted a business where I could work until 3pm and then go out running, mountain biking, kayaking, build a fence, drench the animals.
  • I wanted a business that didn’t consume my thinking time so that I couldn’t spend quality time with my partner.
  • I wanted a business that I could earn roughly 85k.
  • I needed to build a resilient business model, so passive income was key.  So we purchased a property with two dwellings, so that the rental income could pay off our mortgage.
  • We purchased an off the grid tiny house for our spare room and my office space. This can also allow us to rent the cottage out on Airbnb on the odd occasion, thus building in more resilience.
  • I wanted to still have time to take some great outdoor industry contracts (safety and kayaking), thus maintaining my outdoor professional currency and also building in more resilience.
  • Finally, not to conform, to be a point of difference, to have a niche market and niche approach.

This is my business model, this is the measuring stick, this is my bench mark. We are tracking along nicely, my goals are being ticked off one by one. This doesn’t mean I rest on my laurels. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have moments of doubt. However, it does help to realise that my big hairy audacious dreams we had in 2016 are being achieved.

My measure of success is different to yours, that’s good, that’s my choice, that’s your choice.  But please have a choice, and don’t succumb to what is ‘expected’.

p.s. I have had unsolicited feedback saying my approach on social media is unique, different and a breath of  fresh air, this makes me smile because that in itself was a goal….



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