What is Fungibility – Leadership Training

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November 20, 2017
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January 15, 2018

What is Fungibility – Leadership Training

What is Fungibility – Leadership Training

Specific leadership training can help you understand that having the right mix of personalities + technical skills are the key components to any high performing team.

If a staff member leaves the organisation can you just replace them with someone who has a similar technical skill set? The answer of course, is yes. However, can you do better?

The term Fungibility from the Oxford Dictionary means “Replaceable by another identical item; mutually interchangeable.” Many organisations are just doing that, replacing one staff skill set with a similar staff skill set. They’re neglecting the very real issue of not understanding the personality dynamic that the new staff member will bring. Maybe the organisation requires the same personality type for the team to continue functioning well together.

By reading the attached article you can better understand this issue when hiring new staff. If you replace a relationship focused person with a process focused person and the organization still requires a relationship focus in the team, then the new team may fail. Make sure that you as the hiring manager are very deliberate about equipping your teams with the skills for success.

Utilising the Hogan Personality Assessments to help guide your decisions when hiring new staff can do this. These Personality Assessments are scientifically validated. Meaning that they have been through an academic rigorous process to determine that they are correct. They are not hypothetical, only real data is being used to determine the outcomes.

You can use these assessments to hire new staff and also to discover what mix of personalities are currently within your teams. This may answer the very question on why you have talented individuals working within your organisation but the teams are not performing and not reaching high performance.

There are many different types of personality assessments in the market place, and not all are scientifically validated and worth using. So do your research and employ a reputable organisation to deliver the assessments within your organisation.





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