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October 6, 2017
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December 4, 2017

Make Strategic Thinking Part of Your Job – Leadership Training blog

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Many new leaders who have been promoted into a strategic executive/ leadership/ management role from their previous hands on tactical role struggle with the strategic thinking now required for their new role. Many new leaders believe strategic thinking is merely thinking big or reading articles or watching some thought provoking content on the internet. Although the before mentioned strategies will help you becoming a more knowledgeable leader, they may not enhance your strategic thinking. Leaders “…must extract themselves from day-to-day problems and do the work that aligns their job with the company’s strategy. They need to be armed with insights that predict where best to focus resources. And they need to build a coalition of support by inviting those who must execute to disagree with and improve their strategic thinking.”

Strategic thinking requires time to develop and shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, once you have developed your strategic thinking and it is now in a better place for your organisation, then next key task is ensure your staff can execute your strategic plans. Bring your staff along on the journey by involving them early in the strategic planning phase so they can intimately execute these plans tactically on the coal face as your require them to do so.

For further insights and depth into this topic please read this Harvard article by Ron Carucci from Navalent. Another way for enhancing your strategic thinking is by recruiting an executive coach with the expertise in the strategic thinking realm. Also leadership training through a reputable course or university can also be valuable for your strategic thinking development. You can check in with your organisation to ensure you’re heading the right direction by deploying a suitable 360 feedback report and debrief to help develop the areas you may be blind too.

Happy planning, thinking and developing.



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