SALDA courses (Self Awareness Leadership Development Activity)

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July 25, 2017
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September 3, 2017

SALDA courses (Self Awareness Leadership Development Activity)

What is a SALDA course? A SALDA course is a Self Awareness Leadership Development Activity designed to help you discover your reputation, by allowing you to hold up the mirror to see your behaviours in action. This is done through a comprehensive 360 feedback report and debrief, Hogan Personality Assessments, Adventure Activity and finally cohort feedback to help design workplace strategies to move you from good to great as a leader.

These courses can be delivered in a 5 day block course dislocated from the workplace and associated distractions,


Can be delivered with a modular approach. For example, a combination of 2 x 2 day block sessions plus 2 x 3hr workplace/video conferencing sessions dispersed over a period of time that suits.

If interested or have queries, please make contact and we can answer any questions and/or build the leadership awareness course that suits your leaders.

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