Authentic Leadership Behaviours (video)

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July 13, 2017
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August 21, 2017

Authentic Leadership Behaviours (video)

Here are some interesting insights from Robert Hogan the Founder and Director from Hogan Assessments on how leaders are derailing through engrained behaviours.

The insights tie in nicely with all the recent leadership development discussions around the term authentic leadership.

Here is my take; being authentic isn’t necessary a good thing and heres why. By being authentic you are demonstrating your genuine and natural self, this is the easiest way for you to act, it requires little cognitive effort on your part. Unfortunately, the real problem in a leadership context is that if you have the natural propensity to manipulate people or micro-manage or say yes with no push back, then these authentic, genuine, natural behaviours can be the behaviours which are not serving you well in your leadership.

The better goal is to discover what your authentic leadership looks like from a reputation perspective. Only then can you put strategies in place to try and mitigate against the destructive behaviours, with the aim of becoming a better version of yourself. Managing our behaviours is not easy and we need to be constantly vigilant with a solid plan in place.

Gaining self awareness by completing a scientific ‘reputation’ based personality assessment in conjunction with a 360 feedback package is the best way for you to discover your authentic behaviours. From here you can see what is hindering or supporting your leadership performance.

Happy watching.


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