The Surprising Fix For Our Shocking Leadership Development Programmes

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July 2, 2017
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July 13, 2017

The Surprising Fix For Our Shocking Leadership Development Programmes

Leadership Development Programmes (the industry Im involved in) has some serious questions to ask itself. If we really want to have an impact on todays leaders and organisations then we need to make some changes to what we are doing.

Even though the Leadership Development Industry is a multimillion dollar industry there is still a massive majority of employees who do not trust their bosses and therefore are disengaged.

In this Forbes article written by Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is a Professor of Psychology at UCL and Columbia University, and the CEO of Hogan Assessments, suggest there are some proven methods to fixing some of these problems.

  1. Prevention is the best cure = Selection and recruitment is key.
  2. Personality predicts coachability = Some personality traits have been proven to be easier to coach.
  3. There is no development without self-awareness  = 360 degree feedback is imperative to increase self-awareness.
  4. Personality predicts derailment = Stop promoting leaders who have prominent and dominating dark side personality traits.
  5. Talent is personality in the right place = Look at personality traits when hiring talent to ensure the right match for the organisation.

The one way Strategic Self Awareness Ltd is approaching this problem within our industry is by basing its whole programme on actual data, fact and not dealing in hypotheticals. We are creating leadership awareness from a course environment where the mirror is held up to the individual, they will see for themselves, their strengths and weaknesses. The combination of scientific personalty assessments, 360 feedback from the workplace and adventure / activities to receive cohort feedback will create a very real picture for the participant on their behaviour strengths and weaknesses. From here creating strategies and touch points in the following months will provide direction in the behaviour fog from a ‘data’ based approach and providing the lighthouse to improve leadership development.





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