👨‍💼 We help improve behaviours within the workplace, by using a science based approach 👩🏻‍💼

Our courses don't talk in hypotheticals, only real data.

The fact is, to work well with other people you need to understand their personalities and they need to understand yours. That requires a common vocabulary, a language for talking about personality that everyone speaks. Enter personality tests, they give us that language.

Research - Changing behaviours is better than taking the risk in hiring someone new. Check out this research to see the actual costs.

Leadership is About Influencing Others

We influence others through our behaviour – our ACTIONS and WORDS.

Identity – is what I think I am

Our values, skills, knowledge and past experiences form our identity as leaders.

Reputation – is what people think I am

Leadership reputation is formed from consequences of observable behaviours.

Understanding your reputation, is Self Awareness

Appreciating and understanding how you are perceived; becoming aware of the unknown.

Today’s business world demands a high level of self-awareness from our leaders; every action they take, every interaction they have, should be deliberate, strategic and not reactive. Leadership training can help create the self-awareness that is needed.

New Zealand Fact - Employees leave their bosses and not their jobs. More than 50 % of leaders fail in their leadership of others.

Self Awareness Leadership Development Activities (SALDA's) are designed to help you discover your reputation, by allowing you to hold up the mirror to see your behaviours in action. This style of leadership training is done through a comprehensive 360 feedback report and debrief, Hogan Personality Assessments,  and finally cohort feedback to help design workplace strategies to move you from good too great as a leader.

NB. We can also bolt on an adventure component to lift the stakes. This adds complexity, ambiguity and will definitely put clients outside their comfort zones. 

SALDA's is our unique point of difference and a proven mechanism to -

  1. increase self awareness
  2. to initiate changes to the undesirable behaviours
  3. move your leaders from good to great

We are openly striving for a socially responsible company. So we are donating some of our personal time and 1% of our financial profits to organisations who have a mandate to improve New Zealand


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"Ashley created an environment where my team felt comfortable describing the impacts of my decision making, allowing me to enhance my approach as a leader."

- Trent Corbett, Lt Col (retired)


Providing you contemporary leadership theory and validated tools for you to discover the authentic you.